4 Travel Tips For Summer Vacations

Summer is upon us! The warm months have begun and traveling season is in full swing! Whether it be a family vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip, feeling your best is essential to a positive traveling experience.

During the change of seasons, there is an increased risk of getting sick. Not to mention, traveling introduces many other factors that can put you under the weather. Follow these 4 tips for smooth travels:

  1. Carry Clean Air With You

    Alright, maybe you can't bottle up quality air and take it to go - however, there are simple solutions for a happier traveling environment. The recirculated, pressurized air found on planes and trains can leave you feeling crummy. Often times, the air is dry and has a strong odor from things like open food containers, colognes, you name it. Fear not! Guardian Technologies carries travel sized products that you can pack in your carry on, plug into your laptop, and power up to breathe easier. The Evaporative Travel USB Aroma Diffuser conveniently plugs into your computer or any USB port. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the absorbent pad and you're good to go!

  2. Make Your Hotel Like Home

    Just because you're staying in a hotel doesn't mean you should sacrifice the happy home environment you're used to! Regardless of the nature of your travels, you should be relaxed and comfortable wherever you are. Bring along an essential oil diffuser to help you sleep through the night or a personal humidifier for those stuffy rooms. Oh, and don't forget to request a non-smoking room!

  3. De-Germify Your Surroundings

    Let's face it, who knows what Germs, are left behind from the guests before you. We all know carrying hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes is a common way to help kill Germs,, but using these items combined with an air sanitizer will give you the best defense. The sleek and compact design of our pluggable air sanitizers makes for the perfect travel accessory. So plug it in, venture out, and give yourself some peace of mind.

  4. Prep Before You Trek

    All of these tips can be lifesavers while traveling, however, nothing is worse than coming home to an unhappy environment. End your trip the right way by making sure your home is functioning at its best before you head out the door. Traveling can be tiresome, so having an essential oil diffuser ready to go back home is a great way to unwind and relax.

Whether you're on the plane to Paris, relaxing at the beach resort, or taking a family road-trip, Guardian Technologies has your travels covered.

2018-07-13 12:40:00