Air Purifiers

Plants That Clean The Air

Who doesn't love the way luxuriant plants brighten a home or office? But what about indoor plants for air quality improvement? Is this natural method of air purification effective? Are they any more or less effective than an air purifier for the home? 

Allergic to Dogs? Here is What You Can Do

Many people are allergic to dogs. If you are allergic to dogs, your allergy being serious enough to warrant emergency, you may have no choice but to give up your dog. But if your allergy is mild, you might have other options. While only your doctor and you can determine the best solution to the problem, learning more about your allergy can help you know what you can do about it.

What Triggers an Asthma Attack?

Indoor asthma triggers are the contaminants that can set off asthmatic reactions in people who have asthma or breathing problems. According to information from The American Lung Association, it is estimated that 24.6 million Americans have asthma. Typical asthma triggers found in the home relate to dust mites, mold, pet dander, tobacco smoke and combustion appliances. There are many ways to help reduce exposure to these triggers and the first step is the elimination of pollutants if possible.

How to Reduce Animal Dander in the Home

Do you begin to sniff and sneeze the minute Fido enters the room? Then you may very well be allergic to dogs or cats. But what is the real cause of pet allergies? Many believe a cat or a dog allergy involves a reaction to their fur. But in fact, animal dander is a common cause of pet allergies, and is actually old skin scales shed from these pets.

Air Quality In The Home

Are you concerned about your indoor air quality? You're not alone! Each year, millions of people consider purchasing an air purifier when they realize the health problems that can arise due to poor indoor air quality.

Causes of Water Damage

In addition to causing headaches and destruction, water damage also has an adverse affect to the indoor air quality of your home. Damage from water can cause wood rot, insect infestation and mold. Learn more!

The Mechanism of an Allergic Reaction

There are three stages to the allergic response: In the first stage, the immune system encounters the foreign substance and identifies it as an invader.

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