Health Risks of Inactivity

There's a lot to be gained from becoming physically active and starting a healthier lifestyle, but when you find ways to avoid exercise you become susceptible to many health risks associated with limited physical activity.

Inactive people (those who don't meet the recommended levels of physical activity) face serious health risks.

Research shows that inactive people have:

  • A greater risk of heart attacks and strokes than active people
  • Higher blood pressure (itself a major risk factor for heart disease)
  • A higher risk of developing some cancers
  • More chance of developing diabetes
  • A higher risk of osteoporosis, leading to fractures. Up to half of hip fractures could be avoided with regular physical activity
  • More risk of being overweight or obese: this also increases the risk of other medical conditions
  • More injuries and accidents than physically active people

Let this list be a reminder that there are many advantages to being physically active and leading a healthier lifestyle. Also, consider these healthy living facts don't just apply to adults, but to children who don't adopt a healthier lifestyle too.

  • Inactive children are at risk of poorer self-esteem, greater anxiety and higher stress levels.
  • These children are also more likely to smoke and use drugs than physically active children.
  • Inactive employees have more days off work than active employees.
  • In later life, inactive people lose the basic strength and flexibility for daily activities. As a result, many lose their independence and have poorer mental health. 

There's no reason to put off living a healthy lifestyle any longer. Combine physical activity and healthy eating into your new daily routine. You'll feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle immediately. 

2016-03-07 17:16:00