Do Air Sanitizers Work?

No matter where you live, what you do for a living, or whom you surround yourself with, you're certain to run into Germs, and other microorganisms every single day. Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial sprays can deter the transfer of anything truly nasty, but are these always the appropriate solutions for the highly-trafficked germ breeding ground you might call your bathroom or kitchen?

There's another potential way to eliminate microbes from the environments that you and your family spend the most amount of time – without getting out your mop or rubber gloves. Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizers offer convenience when it comes to destroying bacteria and fighting odor in your home. GermGuardian® Sanitizers use Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, the same technology used in hospitals, to effectively kill Airborne Bacteria, without the use of chemicals.

Simply plug the Sanitizer into the wall and air will be drawn into the product by a fan. Air passes through the UV-C chamber and is exported to UV-C light, sending fresh air back out into your bathroom, kitchen or other smaller-sized rooms or hallways.

How will you know if the Pluggable Air Sanitizer is working properly? Unfortunately, similar to chemical cleaners that are used to disinfect surfaces in the home, you will not be able to tell visually if the Air Sanitizer is working. However, the air will feel noticeably different and odors will subside – the result of dead or dying microorganisms will begin to disappear.

2016-04-06 16:56:00