Air Sanitizers - What are They & How Can They Help Me?

If you have allergies, have trouble breathing, suffer from asthma attacks or any other issues related to your lungs, you should look into the benefits of using a UV-C air sanitizer.

Breathing clean air is very important to healthy living. Up until a short time ago, if you wanted to purify the air in your house you used a traditional forced air system that filtered out airborne Germs, with a multi-layered system, or a filter made out of carbon.

This method worked fine up to the point where the filter couldn't handle the amount of particles it was expected to remove from the air. Other drawbacks were that they were difficult to maintain and their operating expense was high due to the cost of replacement filters.

UV-C air sanitizers operate in a way that's unlike any other air purification technique. Rather than try to block every single contaminant in the air, UV-C air sanitizers simply destroy the microorganism and cause it to be ineffective.

This approach is both simpler to keep up with as well as easier to maintain. Rather than trying to gather and dispose of harmful particles by buying expensive filters, a UV-C air sanitizer uses the sanitizing power of ultraviolet light.

Benefits of UV-C Air Sanitizers:

  • Kills Over 99.9% of Airborne Bacteria,: Unlike traditional air purifiers which become less effective as their filters get full and over worked, UV air sanitizers kill over 99.9% of the bacteria in the air.
  • Odor Fighting: UV-C air sanitizers also help to reduce the odors in the air. Whether it's odors caused by pets, smoking, mildew or mold, ultraviolet light has the air cleaning power to make your house smell clean and fresh. 
  • Kills Mold: One of the ways UV-C air sanitizers fight mold and mildew smells is by actually stopping them from growing. The UV rays of their special light bulb kills mold spores at a micro organic level.
  • Quietness: Traditional air purifiers use forced air induction and utilize noisy fans to create air movement. UV-C air sanitizers operate with only UV light. Amazingly, even small ultraviolet air sanitizers are able to process over 1000 cubic feet of air per hour.

If you are looking for the best and most effective method of sanitizing the air you breath, a UV-C air sanitizer from Guardian Technologies™ is the best option for your allergies or lung sensitivity. Used widely in hospitals, there is plenty of evidence to show their effectiveness.

2016-03-07 14:20:00