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Where is the Best Room in the House to Place a Space Heater?

The winter months tend to be cold. Heating a whole house can be expensive, especially if you have rooms that you hardly use. While portable heaters offer a potentially cheaper alternative, the obvious question remains: How do you get the most heat for the lowest cost? Heaters will always warm the room they are in, but placing them in certain spots can help you maximize your winter warmness.

Remember that heat rises on its own

The common wisdom is that heat rises. While Energy Vanguard demonstrated how warmth can be directed downward, it is important to remember that hotter air will, by default, seek to be above colder air.

So if you have a multiple story home, expect the upper floors to be hotter than the lower ones. There are factors like drafts and leaks that can lower room temperature but heat is the expected natural state. So, placing a heater on the lower floor will affect the whole house whereas placing a heater on the upper floors will heat only those areas.

Place where the people are

In every home, there are certain rooms that are used more than others. Whether this is where the kids play video games or where you relax after a long day at work, make sure you place your heater in the room with you – regardless of which floor it is on. A heater in an empty basement will slowly allow the warmth to seep up, but it’s far better just to put one in your bedroom.

Be aware of other sources of heat

Radiators are not the only other sources of heat in your home. Most people are not going to place a heater in the same room as an active fireplace. The kitchen may appear to be a tempting option given that it is usually on the ground floor and a popular place for people to gather.

However, kitchens frequently have stoves, toasters, and other objects that produce heat when in use. If you’re cooking a large holiday meal, for instance, you likely will not need to have the heater on in the kitchen. Do not rely solely on these devices, however. While their heat is a welcome byproduct, there are dangers in using a stove to heat your home. Gas-powered appliances, in particular, should be avoided as they can not only be flammable. but poisonous.

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