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Keep Your Home Office Cool and Comfortable with Fans

When you’re working from home, you may have a room set aside as your office or maybe you have to carve out space in the family room or den. Wherever your home office is, it should be as comfortable as possible to help you maintain productivity and stay focused.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 9% of Americans spend at least some of their time e-commuting, telecommuting or running their own businesses from home. Whether they’re caring for young children or need to work from remote locations to properly do their jobs, many have chosen to work at home because it dovetails well with their lifestyle or requirements of their positions. At-home workers might have to get their jobs done around interruptions or in a split-shift schedule so that staying focused during work intervals is extremely important.

Being comfortable while working at home is important for maintaining focus. Having a personal fan will help keep the work area at your comfort level during the fluctuating temperatures from spring through fall. Small fans are ideal for desk work because they offer a choice of quiet settings and the ability to direct airflow exactly where you want it. Some portable fans have adjustable heads that allow them to tilt easily to face your work area or slightly away if you prefer that air be circulated around, but not directly on you.

Make the Most of Space

No matter where you are working, it’s important to maximize your home office space and make smart choices in desk accessories and office appliances. If your desktop space is minimal, it might make sense to choose a cooling fan that has a clip so it can be mounted off of the work surface. Additionally, various fan models come with a keyhole mount that allows the fan to be hung on a wall. Another excellent option for home office workers with no desk space to spare is a window fan, which can bring fresh air in from outdoors or exhaust stale inside air. Freshening up indoor air is an excellent way to make the air inside the home healthier to breathe.

Desktop fan models are an excellent option for those who need a streamlined electric fan design that takes up minimal table space. The Air Stik® Ultra Slim Oscillating Fan uses only 3 x 4 inches of desk surface but offers 2 speeds and optional oscillation to ensure cooling airflow can be spread throughout your home office so you can be comfortable while you work.

If you are working in a large room in the home and need a refreshing breeze, you might opt for a slim and elegant tower fan. Tower fans boast many features that add comfort and convenience, like auto-off timer mode, remote controls, oscillation, and more. The Wind Curve® Tower Fan with Bluetooth® Technology can be operated just like a remote control fan – but with a smartphone and the Lasko Connect app.

As temperatures warm up across the country, choosing the right fan for your home office environment can go a long way in ensuring your comfort while working.

2020-03-09 12:30:00