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Is an Electric Heater Right for Me? Pros and Cons of an Electric Heater

Time to put away the swimsuits and dust off the snow boots – cold weather has arrived. Electric space heaters are a great way to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter. It’s a small investment that saves in the long run, offering warm comfort during lower temperatures. But is it right for you? We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons that come with owning a space heater to help you decide if an electric heater is right for your home.

Pro: Safe and Sound

Lasko’s electric heaters come with multiple safety features, including overheat protection and cool-touch exteriors. Most heaters have a self-regulating ceramic element. Ceramic heaters (like the Cyclonic Digital Ceramic Heater with Remote Control) use genuine ceramic material within the heating element for inherent safety and heating qualities. For safety, the ceramic self-regulating element will automatically activate a wattage reduction or cut-off in the event of air blockage. Other heaters have tip-over safety switches, which means that they will automatically shut off if they are accidentally knocked over.

Con: Dry Air

Warm air that is created from any heating source will be dry air. The solution? Turning your heater off when the room is at a comfortable temperature or using the thermostat control function (if available) to automatically turn the heater on and off can reduce some of the dry air. Be sure to moisturize frequently to keep your skin healthy.

Pro: Spread the Warmth

Luckily, you don’t have to huddle close to today’s electric heaters to keep warm. Heater fans and ceramic heaters utilize interior fans that quickly and evenly spread warmth through the room. Fan-forced heaters use electric-heated metal coils together with a fan to push heat out into your space. These fan-forced heaters tend to be small-to-medium in size or of the utility variety.

Con: May Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

If your home isn’t well-insulated, heat will escape no matter how powerful the heater. This may be the reason you need a heater in the first place. Homes that are not retaining heat may be a sign of a larger problem that needs to be addressed. You can take DIY steps in your home to optimize its heat retention abilities. Make sure your windows are shut tightly and locked. Check the gaps beneath your doors, and purchase a weather strip or door seal to keep out the cold air. Keeping more warmth in your home will require less heater use.

Pro: Portability

One of the great benefits of space heaters is their portability. Many have handles to allow users to easily pick up and transport the unit, making your heater an incredibly versatile and beneficial addition to nearly every room in the home. Tabletop and Compact Heaters are small enough to carry from room-to-room as you go about your day. Don’t let their diminutive size fool you – these small but mighty devices still bring the heat. Utility heaters are made to move, and are functional in a variety of spaces.

Pro: Stylish Designs

No clunky heaters that take up half a wall here! Designer heaters are stylish, functional, and can match your existing décor. Add the look of a fireplace to any room with the Ultra Ceramic Fireplace Heater that mimics the romantic glow of a roaring fire. Sleek and narrow Pedestal Heaters and modern Tower Heaters are unobtrusive while still delivering heat. No matter your home décor style, there will be a heater that fits into your design theme.

Con: Sleeping Hazard

You should not leave your heater running overnight while you sleep. Leaving a heater on overnight or unattended not only creates a potential safety risk, but it can also dry out your skin and nasal passages. (A discomfort in winter months that no one wants!) The good news is that you can turn your heater on before bed, so the room is warm when you actually crawl under the covers. A remote-controlled heater, like the Bladeless Ceramic Heater with Remote, allows you to switch it off before drifting off without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Pro: Saves Money

Step away from the thermostat. If you’re looking to cut down on heating bills, an electric space heater can be the solution. When family and friends are mainly gathered in one or two rooms, it can be costly to heat the whole home. You’re essentially paying to heat empty rooms. Turning the thermostat down and supplementing your heating source with an electric heater in occupied rooms cuts down on your heating and gas utility bills. Most heaters will heat a 300-square foot area with ease. They work best in enclosed areas like bedrooms, offices, dens, and other cozy areas where family gathers. Save the money for winter fun – not winter heating.

Conclusion: Use It Safely, and You’ll Stay Warm All Winter

As with any electronic device, it’s essential to use your heater safely. Leave plenty of space around portable heaters to avoid fire hazards. Never use a space heater with extension cords or surge protectors, and avoid placing them on uneven surfaces. Be mindful of children and pets, and be sure to read safety precautions included with the packaging before using the product. If used properly, an electric heater can make your home feel more comfortable and cozy all winter long.

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