8 Essentials Beach House Needs

Owning or renting your own beach house is a dream come true. Before you settle in, there are a few beach house essentials that will help make your new house feel like home. Check out this list of eight must-haves you should incorporate into your vacation home this summer.

1. Comfy Porch Furniture

Whether you have an ocean view, a bay view, or a neighborhood view, take advantage of your outdoor space with a comfy set of outdoor seats to enjoy those summer nights. Adirondack chairs have been summer staples since the early 1900s, and add a classic look to your porch, balcony, or yard. Lawn and folding chairs easily transition from sunbathing to nighttime gatherings. That is why they are first on our list of beach house essentials. Use a small table to hold cold drinks. Pair your porch chairs with an outdoor fan, like the Elegant Outdoor Living® Fan with Remote Control. The easy remote control allows you to turn it on-and-off from the comfort of your chair, and the gentle breeze helps keep air circulating around you, discouraging pesky mosquitos and other bugs.

2. Game Night Supplies

No vacation home is complete without at least a deck of cards to keep both young and old beachgoers entertained. Rainy day keeping you indoors and away from the surf? Pack your game shelf with a variety of classic board games like Monopoly, chess, or checkers to ward off boredom, and keep the games in rotation by establishing nightly tournaments. Keep your cool while playing (no one likes a sore winner or sore loser!) both literally and figuratively with the help of a table fan. Made to sit on a tabletop, desktop, or countertop, these small but powerful breeze-makers offer steady cooling air circulation around a tight tabletop. The 6″ Clip Fan clips on to the table for a sturdy source of comfort, while the 12″ Oscillating Premium Table Fan can be tilted up and away from the tabletop surface so no cards are disturbed.

3. Strong but Stylish Furniture

Having a beach house means sandy feet on the sofa, wet towels draped over chairs, and a pile of sand buckets, shovels, and seashells crowding the tabletops. For that reason, the next point of the beach house essentials list is strong furniture. It should be strong enough not to be not easily damaged by wet materials or scratched by sand on its surfaces. Washable fabrics are encouraged, as well as a protective coating. Damp fabrics or sofa stuffing can cause odors. Incorporate a tower fan into your interior design to help keep things dry. Tower fans like the Oscillating Tower Fan with Twin Grills, with its adjustable split grill design for 30% more room coverage, and the 36” Tower Fan with Remote Control is quiet and convenient ways to keep air moving and feeling fresher.

4. Nautical Accessories

What fun is beach living if you don’t bring the outdoors in? It is important to make sure your seaside escape feels casual and comfortable instead of formal and stuffy. Maintain this vibe with the help of ocean-inspired decorating touches. Try bringing in things like nautical artwork, driftwood, or model ships. Choose brightly colored and beachy fabrics for upholstery. For a charming – and free – decorating idea, head down to the shoreline and collect seashells and pebbles. Scatter these on surfaces throughout your house or fill glass vases with them to use as stunning centerpieces. Add a colorful box fan to the room that matches your color scheme. The Cool Colors 20″ Box Fan in blue is as bold a blue as the ocean, and the Cool Colors 20″ Box Fan in vibrant purple matches a tropical floral look.

5. Outdoor Fire Pit

When the weather is nice, who needs to go indoors? Make your yard the place to be with a fire pit. Not only will it keep you warm when the sea air grows cooler at night, but fire pits are also great for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. Gather your family for a night of s’mores, storytelling, and togetherness you will remember for years to come. After all, isn’t that what a beach house is really for? Spending time with family and friends, and making special memories.

6. Bedroom Fans

The next item on our list of beach house essentials is a fan for your bedroom. End a long day at the beach with a restful night’s sleep. Even though you have a refreshing sea breeze from living by the ocean, summer air can still make your home feel hot and stuffy. Air conditioners are usually too harsh for coastal cottages. Plus no one wants to wake up shivering if the temps dropped low overnight. A bedroom fan offers just the right amount of airflow to drift to dreamland. Try a quiet window fan like the refreshing Twin Window Fan, elegantly engineered for whole-room air circulation with intake and exhaust options. Air circulators like the  Air Flexor® Remote Control High-Velocity Fan or the 20″ Cyclone® 4-Speed Fan with Remote Control maximize cooling airflow and the remote control means you can adjust air speeds from the comfort of your bed!

7. Outdoor Showers

If your beach home is not already equipped with an external shower, consider getting one installed. Send sandy bodies there straight away to avoid having wet, messy trails throughout your entire house. They are also extremely useful for washing items like beach chairs and toys. Keep a utility fan in the entryway to the home nearest the shower, like the durable Max Performance Pivoting Utility Blower Fan to ensure air circulates, and moisture from the shower stays outside where it belongs.

8. Room for Guests

Open your home to guests and spend your summer days surrounded by loved ones. If you do not have spare guest bedrooms, invest in a pull-out couch, air mattress, fold-away cots, or stock up on sleeping bags. Keep extra pillows and blankets handy to accommodate your visitors as well. Make sure your sleeping friends and family are comfortable at night by adding a pedestal fan to the main living spaces. The 16″ Oscillating Stand Fan in White is a great basic fan with 3 quiet speeds that will keep the room feeling fresh and breezy.

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