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10 money-saving tips to keep your heating bills low

With the holidays in sight, you might be planning on spending a lot of money on gifts for your family and friends. The last thing you want to do is overspend on keeping your home warm.

How to save energy and money during heater season

The top priorities for heating any home should be safety, reliability and energy efficiency. Choosing the right Space heaters along with some do-it-yourself ingenuity to winterize your home will help you save energy and money during this heater season. Here are a few simple tricks to save on your heating bills in the looming winter.

1. Set your heat to 68 degrees

You should try to keep the temperature of your home at this level while awake at home. To many people, this is the ideal home temperature. To others, getting used to a 68-degree home might take some adjusting. Until you are used to this temperature, grab a blanket, a hot cup of tea and your softest slippers.

2. Lower the temperature when you go to sleep

You can keep your heating bills low even more by setting your thermostat a few degrees lower when you’re going to sleep. Your pajamas and blankets should keep you warm throughout the night.

3. Lower the temperature when you go to work or on vacation

According to Energy.gov, individuals who lower their thermostat between 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours a day can experience up to 10 percent savings annually on their heating and cooling systems. When you go to work, keep your temperature low, as you won’t be home to enjoy the warmth.

If you’re going on vacation, turn your thermostat down to 55 degrees. This optimal temperature will keep your heating bills low while maintaining a high enough temperature to prevent your pipes from freezing.

4. Use curtains for more than decorations

Thick floor-to-ceiling curtains can prevent window drafts in the winter. This simple, inexpensive way to keep your heating bills low can make a significant difference. Make sure you know which curtains to keep open and which ones to close during the day, as south-facing windows typically allow a substantial amount of sunlight in, as explained by Liberty Mutual. Solar heating is free and highly effective.

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