Ultrasonic Humidifiers Help Dry Skin

Don't let winter take all the blame for dry skin this season! You may think its frigid temperatures are the cause of flaky skin, cracked palms and chapped lips, but in fact it's due to the low humidity level in your home. The ideal humidity level in your home is around 35% to 45%; however, when you've got your thermostat working double time to keep you warm  humidity levels can fall to single figures – not so satisfying for you skin. Fortunately, you can avoid this with the use of ultrasonic humidifiers in your home or office.

This simple, affordable device transforms water into fine droplets and blasts moisture out into the air. Your skin soaks up the moisture throughout the day and night, making it soft and smooth to the touch. All you need to do is fill the tank with water, switch it on and feel the difference in the room and your skin. More advanced models are self-regulating and automatically switch off when the water level gets low.

Apart from moisturizing your skin and lips, ultrasonic humidifiers can help relieve cold symptoms and congested sinuses. When lotion and your favorite chap stick can only get you so far say goodbye to dry skin with an ultrasonic humidifier. 

2016-04-21 10:42:00