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The Classroom Essentials Every Teacher Needs on Their Checklist

The end of summer means it's time to go back to school, but that means something different for teachers than it does for parents or students. For teachers, it's filled with school meetings, decorating classrooms, collecting supplies, and preparing new lesson plans. 

While returning to the classroom may feel normal, we still need to focus on keeping the classrooms clean and the air fresh.  We'll continue to wash our hands and sanitize surfaces, but there are a few new essential items you can add to your classroom.  

Air Purifiers

GermGuardian Air Purifiers have HEPA filters to capture dust and allergens in the air. Students are going to be ready to interact with their friends once school returns and it will be near impossible to prevent close contact. To help protect against the spread of Germs,, our air purifiers can reduce the number of airborne Germs,, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores in classrooms. Set your classroom up for success with one of our product recommendations. 

For smaller classrooms | GermGuardian AC4825

For larger classrooms | GermGuardian AC5900

Air Sanitizers

Keep your classroom smelling clean all day long with a GermGuardian Air Sanitizer. The UV-C light in our sanitizers help to reduce the replication of particles such as viruses, Germs,, and bacteria. Keep odors out of the classroom and worry less about the risk of a student forgetting deodorant!

Shop The GermGuardian GG1100


Fall allergies are soon around the corner which means endless sneezes and coughs. With a PureGuardian Humidifier, you can keep your classroom free of Dry Air, to help protect against those pesky allergies. Keep it running all day without worrying about stopping to refill it.

Shop The PureGuardian H1210AR

Don't just stop at hand sanitizer this back to school season. Try one of our classroom essentials to help improve the air quality at school for you and your students!

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2020-07-12 14:18:00