Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

As we continue to spend time at home with our loved ones, it's more important than ever to keep your shared spaces clean. It's the perfect time to start thinking about spring cleaning, the annual deep-clean that presents a perfect opportunity to rid your home of all the ‘junk' sitting around collecting dust. Spring cleaning can be a rather robust task as you tidy the house from top to bottom, so we recommend making a list… better yet, we've made one for you! Read on to learn the ins and outs of our master spring cleaning routine.

Clear Your Space.. And Your Mind
Begin by decluttering your space. Clearing out high traffic areas will grant you a sense of efficiency and organization. Moreover, truly tidy areas can benefit your psychological well being. Coming home to clutter and chores that have been put on the back burner can take its toll, as disorganization feeds stress. Clearing out your main areas will, in turn, help clear your mind. During this step consider blocking out time to organize closets, clean and organize your office space and sort through your home's go-to junk drawer (we all have one). Eliminating an unnecessary stressor such as clutter can lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

Clean From The Top Down
When cleaning your home, start from the ceiling and work your way downward. This technique forces dust and debris toward the floor, and prevents you from having to redust in just a few days or weeks. Just attach an extension hose to your vacuum and be sure to cover your ceiling fans, fixtures, and upper corners of each room -- removing cobwebs and dust bunnies first and foremost. Follow up by dusting furniture and other large surfaces before vacuuming the floor. Utilize your vacuum attachments and capture dirt and dust in hard to reach areas such as couch cushions, corners, under furniture and any other tight space. 

Be Thorough
During this time of uncertainty, it has become increasingly important to follow the CDC's recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting your home. Cleaning refers to the removal of Germs,, dirt, and impurities from surfaces, while disinfecting refers to the use of chemicals, such as EPA-registered disinfectants, to do so. While this process does not kill Germs, directly, it lowers the risk of spreading harmful bacteria in your home. A mixture of these two techniques will ensure you are optimizing your home's level of sanitization! For a detailed guide to cleaning your home amongst the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

Don't Forget About Your Air!
Once you've worked your way through your entire home, it's time to start thinking about your air. Incorporate these products into your space to keep your home fresh long after spring cleaning is over.

  • GermGuardian Air Purifiers
    Not only are there Germs, floating around in your air, there are odors, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and more. An air purifier is essential to improve the air quality in any room in your home or at work. The HEPA filters capture small particles, while also using Guardian Technologies powerful and safe UV light technology to kill Airborne Bacteria,. We offer several different models and sizes of GermGuardian air purifiers to reduce airborne Germs, in your home, all at prices you can afford.

  • GermGuardian Air Sanitizers
    Guardian Technologies Sanitizers all use UV-C technology to reduce the growth and development of microbiological organisms such as fungi, bacteria or viruses. Our sanitizers come in various models, and include a variety of special features for your specific needs.

  • PureGuardian Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags
    PureGuardian Bamboo Charcoal bags are a natural way to continuously absorb and reduce odors, excess moisture, and harmful pollutants in your home or space! Unlike other popular odor eliminators that solely mask the smell of odors by releasing a fragrance, the chemical-free and non-toxic bamboo odor bags are fragrance-free.

Refer to the checklist below as a room by room guide for your spring cleaning schedule:

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