Buyer's Guide to Air Purifiers

Why Buy an Air Purifier

From removing harmful airborne particles and odors, to reducing the time spent cleaning, an air purifier is a household asset. It can reduce the transmission of airborne diseases and ultimately contribute to healthy living. With the different technologies available, it can be tough to choose which type of air purifier to purchase. We're here to help guide you: 

Types of Air Purifiers

  True HEPA HEPA Electrostatic Ionic True HEPA / UV
Filters 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size Yes No No No Yes
No Constant Cleaning / Washing Required Yes Yes No Yes Yes
No Harmful Ozone levels Yes Yes No No Yes
Captures and kills contaminants No No No No Yes
Removes Odors Yes Yes Yes No Yes


How to Choose

Guardian Technologies' air purifiers include both HEPA filtration and UV technology, which is the safe and recommended combination to effectively filter indoor air and kill harmful airborne particles. With Guardian Technologies, all of your air quality concerns are covered - the only thing left to do is select the right size for the room it is going in! You'll also want to consider purchasing more than one Air Purifier, because each room of your home or office will likely require its' own air purification.

Small & Table-top: Small air purifiers are effective in places like a bathroom or small bedroom. Click one of our small air purifiers below for more detail.

Medium: Medium air purifiers are effective in places like a bedroom, office, or kitchen. Click one of our medium air purifiers below for more detail.

Large: Large air purifiers are effective in places like an open-space entryway to a home, a basement, or a living room. Click one of our large air purifiers below for more detail.

A General Tip on High Ceilings: The bigger the space between the floor and ceiling --> the bigger the air purifier should be. This is because Air Purifiers are filtering the cubic footage of the room they are in. Higher ceilings equate to more cubic air within the room.

Other Air Purifier Features to Look For:

airborne      Clears Airborne Allergens

Many allergens are airborne and miniscule in size. These air purifiers help eliminate pesky allergens from your indoor air and contribute to your healthy living.


multi-purpose      Multi-Purpose Air Purifier

These air purifiers conquer multiple airborne issues.


odor     Fights Odor

Odor-causing contaminants from pets, smoking and cooking can be difficult to remove. These air purifiers use an activated carbon filter to actively fight indoor odor and leave your home smelling fresh and clean.


support     Free Support

Questions? We offer free air purifier product support by phone 1.866.603.5900 or e-mail.


filter change     Filter Change Indicator

Filters collect the material it traps, and this material can build up overtime and need changed. This feature alerts you when the filter needs to be changed. A clean filter will also optimize the performance of the air purifier.


hepa      HEPA

Air Purifiers with HEPA filters capture airborne particles.


true hepa      True-HEPA

Air purifiers with True-HEPA filters remove 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.


tio2      No Ozone

Titanium Dioxide is active by the UV-C light to further decompose remaining molecules including odor causing molecules.


pet pure      PetPure

PetPure technology includes an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of mold and odor-causing bacteria, often caused by pets, on the filter.


timer      Programmable Timer

A programmable timer lets you decide how long you want your purifier to operate, which is particularly useful if you're not around or if you want the purifier to stop after you fall asleep.


secure      SSL Secure

Secure Sockets Layer means that your purchase information is kept safe.


uvc      UV-C

UV-C technology kills airborne microbes that pass through the filter, including species of bacteria, fungi and mold. Learn more about UV-C technology here.


warranty      Warranty

All of our sanitizers include a warranty! Check the badge to see how many years.

Why Guardian TechnologiesTM?

Guardian Technologies' air purifiers are all equipped with HEPA filtration and UV technology, in order to provide you with the BEST way to filter your indoor effectively and safely. Our products also come in different sizes, and include a variety of special features for your specific needs. Still need guidance choosing a product? Call 1.866.603.5900 or e-mail us—we're happy to help!

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