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5 Ways To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Most people see air pollution as something that can only be experienced when sitting, playing or working outdoors. We often don’t think of it as something that could also contaminate our homes and offices. However, it has been proven that most of this smog, toxic and polluting substances that are found outdoors can equally be found indoors.

These pollutants are introduced into our homes in several ways. Most of these toxic air pollutants can be brought in unknowingly by us – others by the breeze and a lot of others on our clothes and other pet’s allergens.

Other ways by which this pollutant can also invade our homes and offices might be through the use of aerosol sprays, scented candles, dust mites, pet shedding, air fresheners, dusty furniture and lots of others.  

Since most of our time is spent indoors mostly during the winter periods – it is essential for us to keep the air quality in our homes and offices as clean as possible because it is difficult for us not to generate indoor air pollution in our homes and offices.

But it is worth to note that managing indoor pollution can be handled easily. To get rid of this impurities, you need to follow these steps in other to keep a safe environment

Keep the entire house and the office fully ventilated

Proper ventilation is key to promoting healthy indoor air. The opening of the windows is the fastest and quickest way of reducing indoor air pollution as long as the weather is not cold and the environment is free from smoke, emission or dust. This helps allow fresh air to circulate – thereby reducing indoor air pollution. In case that opening windows is not an option due to weather conditions or poor quality of outdoor air consider using air purifiers to keep your indoor air fresh and healthy.

Use hair sprays and polish in a well-ventilated space

Making use of a polishing substance and some countless household product blended with chemicals can act as a source of indoor air pollution in our homes and offices. Most of these substances such as hair sprays, cleaners, varnish, pesticides, laundry detergents, nail polish, and dyes are full of chemicals and should be used outside the house or in an area where there is a steady flow of fresh air. This is because most of the substances release impulsive organic compounds that can lead to innumerable health challenges such as allergens and lung cancer. Always pay close attention to the products’ labels before purchasing can be an effective way of managing this at home or in the office.

Make sure your gas stove is well-ventilated

One other way by which the air in our home gets contaminated is through the use of a gas stove that is not well-ventilated. When cooking at home using gas, it is necessary to certify that the gas stove is properly ventilated. This is done in other to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are produced due to incomplete combustion. These gas stoves when not properly ventilated with hoods outside can also increase exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and formaldehyde which can pose a serious health challenge in the long run.

Avoid smoking indoors

The accumulation of smoke and other toxic substances can be as a result of smoking indoors. This habit can cause serious health issue to the people staying in that house and also impact negatively on the quality of the indoor air.   So many health challenges and numerous cancer-causing substances can be traced to smoking. Smoking of cigarettes indoors should be banned entirely if you wish to reduce this indoor air pollution in your house or offices.

Use air scrubbers

Using air scrubbers for removing dangerous particles from the air should be wholly encouraged. An air scrubber which is also a negative air machine is a portable filtration system that is used in drawing air from the surrounding environment and filter out any gases, particles, and chemicals in the building in order to improve the indoor air quality. Although it has been stated that opening of the house and office windows during a good environmental condition is good for the ventilation of the home. Some of this pollution might not be easily eradicated due to extreme temperatures or allergies. Therefore, you should consider making use of good air scrubber and filters. The use of negative air machines can often contaminate or make the air quality even worse unless you are making use of the right quality. It is important that you make use of a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arresting) air filters. Finally always remember to get your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system) checked frequently.

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