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5 Things To Consider Before Buying an Air Mover

Air movers are known to be excellent tools for cleaning, drying and ventilating. Some of us have probably seen air movers in construction sites, in some houses and newly-built buildings. This tool is not limited for use by professionals alone, but homeowners can also use this for immediately drying newly-painted rooms, cleaning hard to reach areas and drying newly-washed carpets. Air movers can be availed of in different shapes, sizes and strength so it is important to first identify the purpose why you are getting an air mover. If your air mover is too weak or lacks horsepower, it may be taker longer to finish a task. In this article, we will tackle the different factor to consider in buying an air mover: 

Why are you buying an air mover? 

The air mover has several functions such as ventilation, getting rid of fumes and paint smell, for drying and for water damage restoration projects. First, identify the usage of your air mover, after which, you can start choosing the best one that fits for you. Take notice of the air movers which can provide rapid air circulation because this is important to shorten the working time such as drying. It is important to accord your choice of an air mover with your purpose, otherwise, your purchase will be useless. So, are you going to use the air mover for drying paint, cleaning hard-to-reach areas or simply for ventilation? Once you have identified these, you can now proceed to consider the horsepower and the CFM which means cubic feet per minute.

How Strong (Power) and How Fast (Speed)

Essentially, to make use of an air movers’ optimal performance, it must be built of good quality parts. This is something to be considered when buying an air mover. Two things- the power and the speed. Power is how strong can your machine produce the air. Is it capable of blowing of debris? What kinds of debris? We can compare this to a powerful vacuum cleaner. When a vacuum cleaner is weak, it can only take in the paper, but when you have a powerful vacuum cleaner, it can take in thumbtacks and even nails! Use the same idea with an air mover. Is it powerful enough to blow off a piece of the nail? If it is and it serves the purpose you are buying it for, then you are good to go. When it talks about the power of the machine, we also consider how long it will perform in such strength. Preferably, choose one with a motor power of no less than 1 HP (horsepower). Horsepower is the similar measurement used for air-conditioning units. We think you are well aware of that. At least 1HP will ensure a consistent Windstream. We don’t want your air mover to be strong by the time you put it on and by the time you get back in the construction site, it’s already shut down.  

On the other hand, when we talk about speed, simply think of an electric fan. How many turns per minute do the blades make? That’s speed. How fast can it recover per minute? If you don’t want to much noise, then stick to no. 1. If you want to escalate the work and don’t mind the noise in the area, then go for the highest which is 3 or 4.  

Is it Electrically Safe?

The next thing to consider is electrical safety because, in anything we do, safety always comes first! When we talk about electrical safety, we always go back to how the machine was assembled, in which country. Is it made of safe materials? Do these materials heat up fast? Always check that the air mover you are purchasing has passed quality assurance and have been professionally tested. Check for the proper labels and guarantees in the manual that the machine is electrically safe and generally safe for use. Don’t buy machines without the proper labels or manuals because the manufacturing of these types is questionable.  

What level of horsepower and CFM is best for you? 

Take into account that the higher the horsepower of a machine, the more powerful it is. So how do we know what we need? Earlier, we identified what your purpose is for purchasing an air mover. Thus, the answer lies in what we talked about earlier. How fast do you want to get the job done? So, we measure the accomplishment rate. Since air movers’ speed is adjustable, this is less of a worry. What we must give more attention to is the horsepower. 1HP is equal to 746 watts. Therefore, using watts or convert that to volts, if that makes it easier, perhaps you can ask an electrician of how much power you need for the production rate that you want to achieve.  

Earlier we mentioned the meaning of CFM and that is, cubic feet per meter. Basically, it means the amount of air that can be produced and released in a minute. This is the usual measurement used for ventilators or air movers. An anemometer is a helpful tool which measures wind speed and a simple rule should be remembered. By analogy, a machine with a higher horsepower has a higher CFM, and that is your clue! 

Why You Should Choose B-Air

B-Air VP-25

B-Air VP-25 is another compact air mover that allows you to dry out hard-to-reach areas such as crawl spaces and cabinets. This air mover features a ¼ HP motor, 3-speed settings, a low 2.1 amp draw (highest speed setting), and built-in power outlets for daisy chaining. It also has an interlock mechanism so you can stack it safely and securely with 4 other units. 

Other features include a 10-foot cord, 3 angle drying positions, and rubber feet that will not skid or mark your floors. With 900 CFM, you can easily dry cramped areas and tight spaces inside the home or at a job site. We also love the fact that this comes with a 5-year housing warranty so you can be sure it can withstand abuse. One thing to note is that the cord could have been longer. Also, they can be noisy. 

If you are looking for a compact air mover, which is what we think most of us would want, B-Air VP-25 is the answer to your needs. It is ideal for use in cleaning crawl spaces due to its small size. It has ¼ HP and has three settings for the speed which will definitely come in handy. It features a 10-foot cord so you can use it without having to carry around an extension cord. We think that B-air is the best due to its size, durability, and strength. What do you think of this product and do you have other air movers that you have tried? Let us know in the comments below! 

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