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3 Tips To Help Every Contractor Reduce Project Timing

If you’re a home contractor who struggles with managing your projects efficiently, you’re not alone. Many other contractors experience the same problem.

Various factors affect the completion of each project, including the complexity of the remodel or construction, weather conditions, materials and equipment used, the size of the crew, and the budget.

When it comes to construction projects, time is of the essence. Going beyond the allocated timeline could result in over budgets and impatient customers. Thankfully, there are ways to promote efficiency in construction projects. Here are the three most important tips:

Use Air Movers

Investing in tools and equipment that makes various tasks easier and faster is one of the best ways to cut project timing and increase efficiency. An air mover is among the widely used equipment in the construction industry because it has a lot of uses.

Drying paint and surfaces

Painting is one of the most tedious tasks in both residential and commercial building construction because it requires quite a long time for the paint to dry. It’s difficult to proceed to other tasks until you’re pretty sure that the paint has dried.

Otherwise, dust and debris could get in the way and damage the newly painted surfaces. Needless to say, having good air circulation helps speed up the drying process of wall paint.

Thus, keeping fans running and pointed to the walls is a good idea. Unfortunately, the humidity can get in the way. Using air movers is a convenient way to promote a good flow of air within the building.

Drying water-damaged areas

For restoration projects, water-damaged surfaces should be dried first before contractors can proceed with the rehabilitation work. Being lower to the ground, air movers can be directed under cabinets, to the ceilings and walls, and to heavier pieces of furniture.

Increasing the drying process does not only reduce the time needed to finish a project. It is also very important to prevent mold growth which can cause costly damage to the building.

Blowing construction debris

Dust and debris are a common nuisance in construction projects. Since air movers have the ability to circulate air at higher speeds, they can also be used to unwanted debris, dust and dirt from a work area. An air mover can also be used to eliminate harmful fumes from fire-related damage.

Invest in technology

We know it – technology makes life easier. And there’s no doubt, it makes any construction project much, much easier. Every professional contractor understands the importance of having a well-equipped toolbox.

Having the right tools doesn’t only save you time and energy, it also minimizes the risk of injury and ensures great results each time. You probably have plenty of construction tools and equipment. Consider adding other useful items in your toolbox, such as:

  • Nail Gun – using a nail gun instead of hammering nails individually is a great time-saver. You will appreciate how machines can take over some tasks that are likely to eat your time.
  • Cordless Drill – this tool makes you reach areas that you can’t easily reach using a regular drill. Extension cords are a nuisance as well and could cause accidents. Using cordless drills minimizes this risk completely.
  • Paddle Mixer Extension – mixing concrete is such a time-consuming and delicate process. To make it more efficient, using a paddle mixer is a good idea. Did you know you can also add an extension to make the mixing process even more efficient? The type of extension you will use depends on the substance you are mixing.
  • Modern materials – there are new types of building materials that require less time to install and are much more durable than their traditional counterparts. Some of them are even more affordable. Consider finding better alternatives to the usual building supplies you use.

You may need some more, depending on what types of projects you usually handle or you specialize in. It is important to assess your current needs, particularly when it comes to your supplies and equipment, to see if there’s a need to upgrade.

Invest in your crew

Just as you want to invest in your tools and construction equipment, you also want to invest in your people. They are your workforce and a big part of the success of your projects depends on them.

Your primary goal is to boost the productivity of your crew without increasing errors, injuries, and discrepancies that lead to inefficiency. Follow these suggestions to ensure that you have a productive crew that completes projects on time:

  • Have the right people. Look for workers who have the skills and passion for their craft. Skills are really important in the construction industry. But worth ethics is equally valuable too. They are the people who will work closely with your clients so they have to handle each project really well and with the right attitude.
  • Improve safety training. Injuries can cause project delays and cost overruns. You have to ensure that your staff is aware of the common hazards and risks associated with their work. Continue to follow and adopt new methodologies that make construction projects efficient and less risky for you and your crew.  Don’t forget to buy the right commercial insurance or bond for the job.
  • Communicate better. You may have had projects in the past that required subcontractors. For large-scale projects, proper communication is crucial. Plan ahead and make sure that everyone – you, your crew and your subcontractors are on the same page. This will reduce delays and other costly problems.

Final Thoughts

Saving time means saving money. This is the mantra of many construction companies. A very crucial factor that determines project success is the time by which it is completed.

There are many ways to reduce project timing and increase efficiency. Among the most important are highlighted in this post: using air movers, investing in technology, and investing in your people.

By considering these tips and suggestions, you are likely to save a great deal of time and energy in each of your construction projects without compromising the quality of your work.

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